Misha’s Mooring R&R Weekend

After the last couple of full-on weekends with Misha packed to the gunnels we decided to take it easy this weekend, go to the mooring, and 100% R&R!

While we were out, I did the final fixes to the Chartplotter getting the heading and other data all shown on the plotter along with all ships’ AIS shown on the screen.

Back into Kip on Sunday,. we fuelled her up and and washed her down ready for her next fab trip.

Arran Rock & Blues Festival

Over the bank holiday weekend we were incremented by Linda’s cousin Rob, his wife Lou, James and Andrea. We arrived at Misha on Thursday evening and the boat was already set up. There is a whole other story about fixing the Chart Plotter during the week which included a small electrical fire and multiple trips to Kip with various bits and pieces. At the end of the day, the Chart Plotter was operational before anyone joined the boat.

We all went up to the Chartroom for some drinks while we awaited James arriving and it was after 11pm before he arrived and we were able to get him on board. The forecast for the weekend was occasional showers and very light winds from the NE.

Friday morning saw us up at 7am but there was an additional problem with our gas supply and we ended up having to wait until the chandlery opened after 9am so we could make sure we had a spare gas cylinder with us. It was no issue and folks used the extra time for showers and some extra shopping.

Leaving at 09:15 we travelled down he Clyde under sail in light winds and tested out the Hydrovane again but the winds weren’t strong enough for decent speed and we started to worry we would end up missing our 15:00 Distillery slot so we ended up motor sailing instead. Each of the guests took turns on the helm and we turned west towards Arran in decent conditions and ultra light winds. At the north of Arran a pod of dolphins joined us for ten minutes.

We arrived at Lochranza and tied onto a mooring ball. I ferried everyone ashore on the dingy and we made our way tot he Distillery for our tour and a taste. As we walked from the pontoon to Distillery the rain came down and we all got soaked tot he skin but immediately afterwards the sun came out and started to dry us off so that we were pretty much dry arriving for our tour. We grabbed some coffees and things before the tour and then joined Amy who took us round the Distillery.

They had a nice sherry finished 17yr old that I bought and I think a couple of the others picked up a distillery bottle as well. As we passed the festival site we met Andrea who had headed out to meet us. We left Andrea and James on shore and then we headed back to the boat for dinner. Of course, the rain came down, the wind got up and we arrived back ate the boat soaking wet with waves coming over the top of the dingy as we got back to the boat.

We headed back to shore in time to see the John Beattie Band and Andrea perform which was great. It was the first time Linda and I had seen Andrea perform and it was a real treat. I also had a Blondie song dedicated to me so I was over the moon!

The next band didn’t work for us so we headed back to the boat and I ferried everyone back out to the mooring again, getting soaked for the third time in the process. James and Andrea came back to and we had a wee drinkie on the boat. Linda and I headed to bed before the others and there was significant levels of chortling well into the night.

The morning saw me prep some brunch before we headed ashore early afternoon. The band ended up playing again in the Marquis around 14:30 and I have to say they were really awesome and the sound we even better in there. There were comments about being phoned in the morning and instructed to bring rum; which had something to do with the empty bottle and the chortling mentioned above!

Rather than getting soaked (and killing my knee) doing ferry trips we brought the boat onto the pontoon to get everyone on and off. It meant she was tied up on the pontoon and very accessible at the end of the evening and we were able to invite Andrea’s band mates back onto Misha which was great fun. There were loads of songs, guitars and plenty of snacks and drinkies too.

It was tomorrow before folks departed and I went to bed, tidying up in the morning.

Sunday saw another late brunch and then heading into the Festival site. The Festival was pretty chaotic due to ferry disruption. Bands were constantly having their slots changed and on Sunday we found out that Andre and her Band Mates had been bumped from playing again so Linda and I headed to the Distillery for a Whisky Flight each and then Andrea, James, Rob, Lou, Andrew, David and LJ all joined and we had a great time.

Linda had bad sinusitis so when lunch was finished I took her back to the boat. Linda went to bed and I prepared a big BBQ for later when the music was all finished. Unfortunately David and LJ had to head back for the ferry but John and Andrew joined us on board and we had BBQ burgers and sausages, baked potatoes, salads, and corn on the cob as a late evening meal and more cracking banter. It was grand to meet Andrea’s band mates and we really enjoyed their company.

Monday saw us up and out and motoring back to Kip. Once we arrived in port, Linda gutted the inside and I did a full scrub of the externals. Misha was all set up and ready for her next adventure.