Ardfern for the Boat Jumble

I left Craobh Haven at 12:40 having filled the water and loaded Misha for the first single handed trip of 2023. I will happily admit that I am always nervous before I take Misha out by myself but that is overwhelmed as soon as I am out of the Marina, the sails are up, the engine off and we are riding the wind.

It wasn’t a big sail; 14 miles from Croabh Haven to Ardfern in just less than two hours. It was into the wind on the way south and then across the wind in a fast reach up from the Dorus Mor to Ardfern Yacht Centre. Averaging over 7 knots the whole way and topping out at 9kn just before entering the Dorus Mor is was a short, fast sail and I really felt as though I was starting my checks for berthing not too long after I had stowed all the berthing gear form leaving Croabh.

I had called Ardfern in advance and booked a berth for Misha. I was to call on 80 when I got here. The chap who answered the radio knew I was single handed and allocated me a large easy berth for getting in and out and I was awfully grateful. It was an east berthing and Misha is all tied up and snoring happily now.

Dinner tonight is at the Galley of Lorne. I haven’t been in there since 2019 but am looking forward to not cooking. In the morning I plan on visiting the Boat Jumble at Craignish Village Hall.

Link to trip: HERE

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