Ardlussa to Ardminish

All the great ideas of odysseys went out the window!

We had a good night’s sleep after chicken pie and potatoes for dinner. I slept like a log from 10:30 to 07:30 although I did wake at 04:30 to the red light of dawn for ten minutes.

When we did get up we had tea and coffee and decided Gigha was as far as we were going today. The wind was from the West (mostly) and was up and down but circa 15kn.

The anchor came up easily enough but it had a huge kelp forest on it! Roots and all! We motored out of the bay and left the engine charging the battery, raised sail and cutting into the wind went for Gigha.

It was a good sail but I wasn’t feeling 100%. Every time I did something, even just cleaning the kelp off the anchor, I was left exhausted and wanting to sit for a while. I also couldn’t motivate myself to do anything. On top of that, while sailing along happily as she has been for months, the wheel pilot blew its gearbox and was left useless.

As we entered Ardminish Bay a couple of boats had recently departed and I was hopeful that there might be room on the pontoon but there wasn’t. We debated anchoring but in the end took a mooring and went ashore.

The Post Office were able to supply fresh milk and bread, gin and (mostly importantly) Ice Crème. Linda had G&T ice crème and I had Mango. It was very yummy. With the Boathouse closed on Mondays and Tuesdays we headed back to Misha with our supplies and the plan for Lasagne and fresh baked bread tonight.

22 miles in 4.5 hours.

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