CH to Oronsay

We arrived at the Marina yesterday and did quite a bit of sorting her out; filling water tanks, cleaning things, and sorting things out. Despite having a full larder we opted to eat at Lord of the Isles. Linda had the Mackerel Pate and I had the Haggis Nuggets to start. I have to say it was very tasty, served with a portion of honey and a side salad. For main we both had Crayfish Mac & Cheese. It had a Depp cheer taste with the seafood shining through and a lovely thick, sticky, texture that I really enjoyed. While quite expensive for what it was, it was a very good meal and we enjoyed it. We would certainly recommend it to others. We happily bumped into Barry of Jennie Wren Boat Charters and enjoyed catching up with Barry who is one of our favourite folks in the local area.

We were in bed at 9pm and I slept well but was awake for chunks of the night with my shoulder complaining about the day it had. I awoke bright before seven am. The sky was blue with fleeting clouds but there was a stiff breeze and substantial gusts. Linda needed some extra sleep and the gusts were getting stronger all the time. I had the boat all ready to leave at 908:30 but then found the gusts were up over 25kn and I pulled it at that point; just too gusty. We popped up to the marina office as we had told them to expect us on the fuel jetty. It was good to chat with Alastair, Sue and Julie.

Linda took some rest, I dealt with a few emails and phone calls then prepped the boat again and around 10:30 we moved over to the fuel jetty. The wind had dropped down to practically nothing and it was easy to tie to the jetty and fill ups with diesel. The good news was that I had been able to estimate our use nearly perfectly based upon the 1.5l/h on motor and 0.7l/h on heater. We had used 31l total.

With the boat all ready for our trip we motored out of the marina and set full sail. We headed out through the Corry and onwards directly for Oronsay. The day was alternately sailing then becalmed and motoring then rigging sail gain. It was fun and we had a good time. Linda made soup for lunch, I had a carrot cake muffin. The last few miles seemed to drag a tad and its always longer round the reef and into the bay than I think it will be. We anchored in the NE bay just inside the reef in 6m right in the middle.

Linda had a wash and cooked fish cakes, stuffed mushrooms, and stuffed peppers. It was tasty and we washed it down with a non alcoholic gin and tonic and watched Killing Eve. It rained heavily outside but we were very snug in our anchorage and it was lovely and comfortable inside Misha with the heating keeping us warm. By 9pm we are both falling asleep and heading to bed with our books!

CH to Oronsay

We totalled 26 miles in 5.6 hours Saillog Entry.

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