Eileen Donan

We lifted the hook at 8am and headed north through Kylereah. I hadn’t told Martin our destination preferring to give him a pleasant surprise when we got to Eileen Donan Castle!

As we approached the Kyle, a large cargo ship started to overtake us so we gave him a quick call on 16 to make sure he was aware of us. It stayed mostly dry which was good as I had a sucker of a hangover from last night’s rums.

We anchored just off the Castle in the firth of River Dornie and I cooked Pasta Bolognaise while Martin got his work finished and we got some cracking photos of the castle when the sky brightened up after lunch.

We then sailed up to the Kyle Pontoons and Martin checked us in. We were parked next to an identical Bavaria 37 but it had the smaller in-mast furling rig. Wandering Angeus was in too and we gave them a wave when they departed.

Kyle Pontoons have deteriorated badly since I was last here. There is no pontoon manager, the place was dirty and unkept. There was no power on the pontoons although there was water available. At £30 without power I felt I was ‘done’. But we needed some shopping and it was good to get a restful afternoon on the pontoon and a wee walk ashore. We stocked up with some fresh foods and topped up the drinks cabinet then 

We BBQed burgers for dinner and stuffed our faces before going for a shower. On the pontoons it was really hot in the afternoon sunshine and I was glad fog a shower to freshen up at the end of the day.

The sunset wears brilliant with the hills of Skye and the bridge standing out in the setting sun.

I wrote up my log while Martin watched the F1 on deck while watching the sun set in the west.

Over the day we did 25 miles in five hours but about half of that was under power in the morning. 

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