First day of Holiday Cruise

From Craobh Haven to Karrera Marina in a blow!

We got to the boat last night late on. Just enough time to get everything packed away, beds made and get to bed. We knew in advance that the weather for Friday and Saturday looked spectacularly rough. High winds, low pressure and big SW seas all combining to make really uncomfortable conditions.

Awaking early Friday morning and looking outside it looked quite nice, blowy but blue skies and the seas hadn’t picked up yet. We made the decision to head out and point the bow for Kerrera Marina.

Once out of Craobh Haven we made the decision just to rig the foresail and that reefed to 30% of the standard Genoa. It was basically a hanky we were flying and we still make 6 knots across Loch Shuna and up into Cuan.

Approaching the western end of Cuan Sound

The water at the western end of Cuan had about a 3-4m swell coming in from the South West and the waves were crashing onto the rocks at Easdale Head. We came up the east side if Insch Island and were clocking speeds over ground of between 7 and 9 knots all the way up into the Sound of Kerrera and this was with blue skies, the wind behind us and a hanky hanging from the forestay.

Fore-reaching up the inside of Insch Island

We navigated into Kerrera Marina and found an empty berth on Pontoon B. I had planned on coming in stern first but as we approached the pontoon, the wind caught the bow. Rather than fight it, I decided just to got with it and did a stylish pirouette and berthed perfectly, bow in to the pontoon. Marian was there to help with ropes. Thanks Marian!!

The ‘East End’ and the south channel buoy in the Sound of Karrera

Safely tied up for two nights, we have dinner booked for the four of us and a fine weekend planned enjoying the protection and comfort of the marina and lashings of electricity!

20 miles, 2.5 hours, great fun!

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