Loch Drumbuidh

There are strong winds forecast again for tonight but in the early morning we could see the forecasts changing. We decided to go for it anyway. Loch Drumbuidh is a hurricane hole anyway so it’s a good place to sit it out. At least some of the forecasts were suggesting northerlies at least for part of the night so we didn’t fancy hanging on in Tobermory.

It was pouring all morning. We heard there was even flooding around the town. We had showers, met an otter in the marina and grabbed a few bits of extra food to cover us for the next few days.

It was an easy trip over to the loch. We did a quick survey in 25 mph winds and then anchored in the NE corner in 7m with good leeway in every direction as there is at least a chance of every angle of wind overnight.

Hot chocolates warmed us up. We watched crappy TV and I answered some work emails. The rain keeps coming down and the heater is on and warming the boat up.

Plan is to start south tomorrow and get as far south as we can tomorrow evening.

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