Mallaig to Isle of Rum

After Easter Sunday off we were up for another sail. The whole of Sunday the weather forecast had been changing with storms moving around, disappearing and popping up. When we planned on Sunday night a sail across to Isle of Rum would be wet but 12-17 mile an hour winds from the south-west.

On Monday morning, it was then forecasting 15-22 mph winds from the south Bering south west around 11-12 noon.

The actual was a base wind around 20 mph with gists all the way up to 32 mph and 35 while we were mooring up.

The sail was a bit rough but we had rigged with a double reef in the main and an extra reefed foresail so it was under control the whole way but we did have waves coming over the bow and foredeck and even significant waves splashing into the cockpit.

The moorings at Kinloch are great; big yellow hippos with stout strops and pick-up buoys. As the wind picked up I managed to loose the blue boathook over the side. I had the rope-chain-rope prepared but we didn’t need it as the strop was so good. Tied up we went inside and had soup for brunch. 

There is a reason I prefer anchoring to mooring in Misha. There is no way to remove the anchor from the bow stem and the mooring strop always knocks against the anchor when the wind gets up. I have roped the mooring strop to the bow stem to reduce swinging but the anchor banging is annoying.

16 miles, 2.5 hours

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