Ardencaple Bay back to Craobh Haven

The trip had to come to an end as I had calls to be on Friday morning which would be best handled from the office. Linda lifted the anchor at Ardencaple Bay early and navigated us back to Craobh. Linda did all the sailing and navigation flawlessly, having already planned her tides through Cuan. I spent the time tidying up and getting Misha ready to dock (reason for no photography).

Linda took Misha through Cuan perfectly. She wanted me on deck, but I was a spare part, watching her take the boat through the rushing tide at the shoulder of the Springs. It was quite something to watch.

I only took the helm again, as we entered through the marina breakwater. There was a lovely little crabber on the diesel dock who kindly moved up to allow us to tie up alongside. We filled up the diesel and the water ready for the next trip, hopefully next weekend.

13 miles in 2 hours.

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