James and Denise Weekend

Linda and I arrived up to Misha on Thursday evening and worked from the boat throughout Friday. Marie-Ann and Richard from Gabriella asked us to join them for drinks on Friday evening following which they joined us for dinner in Lord of the Isles. James and Denise made good time coming up the road and joined us in time to order before last orders for food.

I had previously installed a ‘black box boat monitor’ into Gabriella for Richard meaning he can monitor the boat’s health when he is away from her.

Black Box Boat Monitor

Dinner was great fun and the lady who had spent the day looking for her missing cat popped in to let everyone know the cat was back safe. The whole thing was just very relaxed and pleasant. The food was good, the company was great and we really enjoyed our evening. We adjourned to Misha and enjoyed one more night-cap before we all retired for the evening.

While James has been on Misha before, Denise has not and she was initially quite nervous of the boat and sailing in general. The forecast was for ultra light winds to it was the ideal weekend for her to pop her sailing cherry!

We had a breakfast of muesli and yoghurt, toast and jam before we prepped Misha and headed out. The weather wasn’t as bright as forecast but there was a slight westerly breeze which allowed us to sail (slowly) from Craobh Haven to Ardlussa Bay past the Corryvreckan.

We anchored for snacks in Port an Talbart on the NE corner of Jura north of Banhill and watched a family of seals. We were intent on them when Linda and I spotted a minke whale just about 20m away from us however she only breached once and we didn’t see her again.

We sailed from Port an Talbart down the coast of Jura to Ardlussa but needed the motor more than once. Pulling into the Bay there were more seals and we sat there at anchor and enjoyed a late lunch

After lunch we decided we should head for our planned overnight anchorage so started north again for Airds Bay. When we arrived there was already a yacht in our usual anchor spot but given how calm it was and was forecast to be, we anchored on the inside of Black Rocks.

The plan was for BBQ but with the overcast sk it wasn’t as warm as we had hoped so ate inside, enjoying hot dogs, corn on the cob, along with salads followed by Gin & Tonic Ice Creme and berries. After dinner we socialised and even played poker for a while enjoying music and a wee drinkie.

The night was calm and we all slept exceptionally well.

The morning had a breakfast of grilled bacon and boiled egg with bread and butter. We were able to sit out on deck enjoying the morning light.

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