Lowlandman’s Bay to Craobh Marina

My plan had been to wake up at 7am and head north but I was wide awake at 05:00 and having breakfast on deck by 05:30 watching the sunrise. It was a colourful sunrise with shimmering shades of red, orange, yellow progressing to blue.

The Bay was still flat water and you could see the odd bird and occasional seal breaking the morning surface. The sky was alive though. The stars disappeared the colours churned and the lightest of breezes started from the north west.

I passed wide of Minke and the other boat that had come in later in the day and motored out turning round the Dun at the entrance to the Bay. I raised full sail and headed north initially motor sailing and then quenching the engine. I did get a sail but the wind was up and down all morning and swinging by 180 degrees at times. 

When the wind was there, I sailed, when it wasn’t I motored. Probably 50/50 all the way up to the Corry where it does completely and the motor went into its own with the sails stowed, boat cleaned and the preparation for berthing completed way too early as usual.

I parked her perfectly and Richard came to grab lines. Richard and Marie-Ann are planning on leaving soon and were stripping Gabriella for the winter. I missed Peter and Marian who were out winning the Round Shuna Race and headed home after a successful weekend.

Link to Sailloger Log.

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