Lagavulin Bay to Lowlandman’s Bay

The morning in Lagavulin was stunning. There was the gentle mechanical noises from the distillery but otherwise peace and tranquility. I had breakfast on deck of boiled egg on toast with coffee and grape juice. It set me up for the day.

I was nervous about leaving the Bay in the absence of the Green Perch. So I had Antares on the binnacle and was taking it very slowly rock dodging my way out under the castle. I captured a few photos on the way out. It was a ‘Kodak morning’!

There was a very light breeze from the west caressing the water as I motored out towards Iomallach, so I raised the sails and quenched the engine, letting the breeze drive me and the peace return to a post diesel contrast. Iomallach was her classic self, dressed in cormorants. 

Sailing northbound along the Ardmore Islands was simply bliss. It wasn’t fast, I never topped over 4 knots until I got to the Sound of Islay. But once I was passing the lighthouse I saw the first of two minke of the day. She was heading south-east and appeared to have come down the Sound of Islay. The second one, about an hour later and at the top of the mouth of the Sound was heading south and appeared to have come down the Sound of Jura. The second one I managed to get a (bad) photo from a distance and out of focus but at least I can ‘prove’ the sighting.

Minke whale

All the way across  the Sound of Islay there was a good breeze and, with full sail up, I was getting in excess of 6 knots. It started to die back as I approached Craighouse but the sun came out cleanly there from the speckled sky of the early morning. A small yacht cut across my bows heading for Craighouse and about halfway up the Bay of the Small ISles, the breeze died away to nothing at all and the diesel had to return. 

Stowing the sails I noticed the staypack’s loops which connect to the lazy jacks were very badly worn and about to go. A small running repair kept it going for this weekend but I will need to do a more permanent repair real soon.

Turning into Lowlandman’s Bay I noticed the lighthouse keeper’s house was gone and replaced by a big green shed. The plant machinery was still there along with a substantial heap of debris from the demolition. The Bay itself was as lovely as ever and the clouds had cleared from the Paps giving crystal views of the island.

After a couple of hours Andrew Prince arrived in Minke and we sat in Misha’s cockpit with a drink, chatting and enjoying the afternoon. I cooked frankfurters with pasta and pesto and a garlic bread. We ate on deck and it was a great afternoon. It threatened to drizzle at one point but came to nothing and I was able to sit on deck till mid evening when it was time for bed. 

Link to Saillogger Log.

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