Kerrera for the Christmas Craft Faire

Our plan for Saturday was to sail to Kerrera for the Christmas Craft Faire. However before that we needed to head our on Friday night for a Pub Crawl in Tobermory. We had a great dinner in MacGochans, enjoying a chat with Kirsty. Following which we wandered along to the Mish for a couple and met a lovely chap; Leon who tried to buy us Pizza. It was very much appreciated but we were full.

I started there with a 17yr old Tobermory then had a Rum & Coke before we moved on to the Tobermory Hotel. There Linda had cocktail and I had a Diet Coke (so I could keep going a while). 

After that we headed back to MacGochans bar and enjoyed a couple of nice whiskys including a 17 yr old and a 23 yr old. We had a great night and really enjoyed the Pub Crawl meeting lots of great folks as we did.

Saturday morning we awoke before dawn and headed out leaving the marina around 08:50 heading 00south down the Sound. The wind was a bit fickle and it was 50/50 motor sailing and sailing but we got a brilliant sail from Duart across to Oban Bay in 20+ knots of wind. 

It didn’t feel as cold as Friday but it must have been. At 9am I poured myself a cup of Diet Coke and by 09:10 the drink was frozen!

We arrived into Kerrera Marina at 13:00. Of course at that moment the gusts were around 25 knots and there was no way I could get Misha to stern tie so we ended up being bow in and were very grateful to one of the chaps from the Marina who came to catch lines.

Kerrera were hosting a Christmas Craft Faire so we had Stollen Donuts followed by Roast Meet with Pepper Sauce rolls and chips. The craft faire had loads of interesting things and I had to work hard not to buy lots of shiny things for Misha. There was an enamel painting of a marine scene with ducks legs at the top, sharks, then fish, then octopus tentacles at the bottom that would certainly have been coming home with us were it not already sold.

An early night followed and it was very comfortable and Gill and Tim are always the best hosts.

34 miles, 4.2hours, top speed of 8.2 knots (under sail at the Narrows).

Tobermory to Kerrera
Tobermory to Kerrera

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