Icebreaker up to Tobermory

We arrived at Craobh Haven late Thursday evening. The plan was just to use the boat as an office this weekend and at least have a change of scenery. However as we drove up the road on Thursday afternoon I received a call to let me know the testing I was due to oversee had been put back to next year now so I have a free weekend.

The air temperature was around -4C when we arrived at the marina and the temperature inside Misha was 7C we slammed on the heaters and set about getting ourselves comfortable.

With the diesel and electric heater on and a steak pie in the oven it wasn’t long till the jackets came off, the wine was opened and we could relax in warmth and comfort.

There was a beautiful full winter moon sitting over the marina and with the frost on the pontoons it was great to be snuggled up safe and warm inside.

Full moon in Craobh
Full moon in Craobh

We slept like logs and I had to extract Linda from her duvet at 08:15 through bribery of bed-tea. We decided against breakfast but did what we needed to prepare Misha to head out; topped up water, stowed everything securely, etc.

The morning was bright and crisp and warmer than the night before. The moon was sitting clear in the west and the sunrise was brilliant. 

Out through Cuan, I had forgotten to take off ‘British Summertime’ setting on the tide app, so Linda could have had an extra hour in bed. As it was we managed to navigate through Cuan against a knot of tide and head out towards Easdale.

It was beautifully crisp and blue and winter sailing at its best. At Insh Island we saw another yacht heading south under full sail but that was the only other pleasure boat we saw all day. We had a mid-morning snack of bacon butties, and coffee and tea on the hour every hour.

As we approached the Sound of Mull we had two ferries, two workboats, and two cargo ships all congregating together around Duart Bay. Then two sets of two Eurofighters Typhoons flew down the Sound at about 300ft. It was thrilling.

There were a few flakes of snow just around Lochaline so I changed from my warmth outers to my waterproofs but it came to nothing and I was warm enough in my waterproofs. 

We had the usual debate about going in via Aros Bay or going round Calve Island and we went around Calve island. I started rigging the mooring lines and setting the fenders as we entered the Bay and we radioed Tobermory Harbour to confirm permissions receiving a lovely welcome in reply from Joe.

With our navigation light on, as it was already getting dark we motored in through the new fairway and got Misha settled snugly into a berth for the night. Next bit was warm up the boat. She was down at 7C as we had sailed up the Sound but she quickly warmed up and we headed out for dinner in Tobermory.

42 miles, 6.3 hours, average speed 5.3 knots.

Craobh to Tobermory
Craobh to Tobermory

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