Tobermory and back to Craobh

Well, I would love to tell loads about Tobermory but in the interest of protecting the innocent I think its best to be brief.

I awoke early on the Wednesday morning and went shopping. Noticing the Distillery was open, I popped in and asked about getting Martin and myself to a tasting. The only option was a 10:30 tasting and it was now 10am.

Back at the boat I woke up ‘Sleeping Beauty’ and he complained his ribs were sore but was up for the tasting and off we went. It was a good tasting and we both ended up choosing for the last 4 bottles of the 26yr old with Manzilla finish. At the cash desk my guest insisted on paying and it was very much appreciated.

We went for lunch at McGochans, met some other folks, went for a tour of Tobermory, as we do, and ended up back in McGochans in the evening. We had a great time.

We ended up staying two night rather than one and Martin’s ribs were even more sore the next morning with some bruising too. We decided to head back to Craobh.

We motored down the sound and even got to stretch the sails as we cross Lorne and into Cuan. While we were very early for the tide, we managed in and we tied up safely.

Martin phoned NHS Direct and was told to self care. Weeks later he is still in pain!

In LOTI we had dinner and drinks and found out the Queen had died. We still had a good night and got Martin to his train the next day without further incident.

Sunset at Craobh

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